3 Florida roads make the list of worst traffic in the US


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Nobody likes traffic, and getting stuck in it can be a real pain no matter where you are, but 3 Florida Roads has compiled a list of the worst traffic spots in the United States.

I was just talking to a friend in Chicago, where I’m from, about how I sometimes miss the city but do NOT miss the traffic. Sometimes it took me 3 hours in traffic to get downtown, a journey that usually took just over an hour.

You forget living in SWFL about big city traffic until you drive to Miami, Orlando or even Tampa, sometimes you can get stuck.

Well, a study by INRIX last year on hours lost sitting in traffic found that the average American lost 36 hours on the road to congested lanes.

For Florida drivers, there are 3 routes that have been major contributors to time lost while standing on the highway.

When I was driving in Orlando last Friday, I got stuck in that lovely I-4 traffic, and it took me an hour longer than usual. On I-4, westbound, an average of 74 hours is lost. US-17 South was also on the list, as was I-95 North in Miami.

If you think it’s bad, LA is MUCH worse. On I-5 South, from Euclid Avenue to I-605, 89 hours are lost each year on just one stretch of the route. Drivers in Los Angeles are also stuck on I-10 East, wasting another 55 hours a year on their commute.

The 10 best American roads with the worst traffic:


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