5 Greatest Driving Roads in the World for a Grand Tour Enthusiast


There are three things involved in a Grand Tour that make these trips one of the greatest moments of our lives. First is the business – friends make or break a road trip. Second, it’s the cars. They are very important and we can help you with that. Third, of course, places.

We’ve been writing about road trips for a long time, but we’ve never given you a definitive guide to the best places to drive. So on this page, I wanted to tell you about the ten greatest roads the world has to offer with the aim of inspiring you to see and drive something amazing now that the pandemic is slowly fading away.

5. The North Coast 500 – Scotland

Scotland offers the world a lot, from smoky Scotch whiskey to Edinburgh’s Fringe festival. But the North Coast 500 weaves its way through its incredible vistas.

Beginning in the northern city of Inverness, this 800km route loops around the highlands of Scotland, highlights being the incredible drive through Glencoe and stunning views of the Isle of Skye.

There’s no shortage of roads for a car enthusiast, and with white sandy beaches, Iron Age architecture and mountains to explore, there’s something for everyone.

Camping usually takes around a week, but that just depends on how much off the beaten path you travel.

4. Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

There are some amazing roads in America like Route 66, but the Pacific Coast Highway is a little shorter than that and therefore a great introduction to the country.

It runs along the California coast and stretches over 600 miles from San Francisco to San Diego.

Along the way, you’ll pass giant sequoias, beach-striking waterfalls, and incredible architecture, but don’t forget to stop at a few highlights, including Neptune’s Net – a famous seafood restaurant that’s been featured in movies like Fast and Furious and Point Break, as well as Gossip Girl.

Expect this trip to last around two weeks as you explore all it has to offer.

3. Route 66, USA

Road trip on route 66

Route 66 is the road trip of all road trips, measuring over 2,000 miles across 8 states from Los Angeles to Chicago.

It’s the country’s original road trip, offering stunning vistas, weird-but-wonderful road attractions and some of the best road stretches in the world.

Explore abandoned American towns, eat at traditional restaurants and visit interesting museums to get the most out of your visit. Even over a two-week period, expect a lot of driving.

2. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Road trip on the Great Ocean Road

This road parallels Melbourne’s south coast to the west for approximately 150 miles. It’s a much shorter road trip than the others on this list, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most beautiful.

Along the way, you will see a varied landscape ranging from rainforest to sandy beaches and jagged rocky landscapes.

If you wanted to you could drive this in a day, but I suggest stopping to explore with several hiking and biking trails available, or even testing your surfing skills at some of the beautiful beaches along the route. .

It may be short, but don’t cross this breathtaking route out of your plans.

1. The Atlantic Road, Norway

This road is so breathtaking that the international media could not miss it, it has been featured in a number of films such as James Bond: No Time to Die and has been called “the best place in the world to mend a broken heart.

It stretches 22 miles between Kårvåg and Bud and will take you through the best nature Norway has to offer as well as its greatest architecture.

You will cross 7 bridges including the Storseisundet Bridge, which is an epic piece of engineering and will remain etched in your memory for years after crossing it.

It’s a hotspot for interesting cars, amazing views, and of course, one heck of a road to drive.

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Did we miss a road trip you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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