5 Most Dangerous Roads in the United States You Can’t Avoid


Does the thrill of driving on some of the most dangerous roads in the United States appeal to you? Does the thought of this experience push you towards these roads, or will you avoid them in an effort to ensure the safety of your fellow travelers? When planning your next road trip, it may fall to you to avoid some of the more dangerous routes. Unfortunately, many of these roads are almost impossible to avoid.

  • I-35 from Duluth, MN to Laredo, TX
  • I-75 from the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan to Miami, FL
  • I-5 runs along the California coast from Mexico to Canada
  • 1-20 from Texas to South Carolina
  • 1-95 from Maine to the Canadian border in Miami, FL

5. I-35 is the fifth most dangerous road in the United States.

I-35 interchanges in Austin | Shutterstock

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The I-35 route runs north to south from Duluth, MN to Laredo, TX. This route crosses San Antonio, Dallas and Austin in Texas, three of the most populated cities in the country. Most of the 197 fatalities occur along this highway in Texas each year. For 1-35, that equates to 12.56 deaths per 100 miles.

4. I-75 is a long road and one of the most dangerous in America

I-75 in Cincinnati is a tough drive, especially at night
I-75 in Cincinnati | Shutterstock

If you were to drive the full length of I-75, you would end up either in Miami, Florida or at the Mackinac Bridge in upper Michigan. Along the way, you would pass by places where 237 people die every year. That number equates to 13.27 deaths per 100 miles, many of which occurred at either end of the road. Michigan is known for its slippery winter roads and Tampa for its accident-prone streets.

3. I-5 brings a lot of heavy traffic on a dangerous road to drive on

Smog hovering over I-5 in Los Angeles, one of America's most dangerous roads
Smog hovering over I-5 in Los Angeles | Shutterstock

The main highway that connects Canada and Mexico along the west coast is I-5. This road kills 186 people a year, an average of 13.47 deaths per 100 miles. It is a common route for 18-wheelers and the only continuous highway reaching the Canadian and Mexican borders. Along the route, I-5 passes through Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego, all heavily populated and high-traffic areas.

2. I-20 is one of the shortest roads on our list, but no less dangerous

I-20 interchanges in Atlanta
I-20 interchanges in Atlanta | Shutterstock

Yahoo News tells us that the second most dangerous road on our list is I-20. This route runs east to west through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. The average number of deaths along 1-20 is 208, which equates to 13.52 deaths per 100 miles. The biggest contributor to these deaths is the number of major towns along the route. These cities include Dallas, Jackson and Atlanta.

1. I-95 is the most dangerous road to drive in America

I-95 Through Miami is the most dangerous road in the United States
I-95 through Miami | Shutterstock

Many of the roads on this list are must-sees, because anyone along the East Coast will tell you about I-95. This route is the main route for travel on the East Coast, but it passes through many major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Miami. This road has one of the worst winter conditions in the north and it is a road that averages 284 fatalities per year. This equates to 14.88 deaths per 100 miles.

What is the most dangerous non-interstate highway in America?

US Highway 41 in Copper Harbor Michigan;  pretty fall foliage on a dangerous road
US Highway 41 in Copper Harbor Michigan | Shutterstock

The only non-interstate route in the top ten for average death rate is US Highway 41. This route runs from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Milwaukee, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta and Miami. The fatality rate averages 141 deaths per year, or 7.02 deaths per 100 miles. Snow at one end and Hillsborough County, a Florida county with the highest road fatality rate in the nation, contribute to the death toll on that road.

Which state has the most dangerous roads in America?

The state with the highest number of deaths per 100,000 population is Mississippi. Their mortality rate is 25.39 deaths per 100,000 population in the state. Second on the list is Wyoming, with 22.02 deaths per 100,000 people in the state.

Where is America’s Deadliest Crossroads?

America’s deadliest intersection from 2000 to 2019 is the intersection of Lalor Street and Route 129 in Mercer County, New Jersey. This intersection had nine fatal accidents during this period. There were 14 other intersections that had seven or more fatal crashes, four in New Jersey, four in Florida and two in Texas.

Then learn more about what that black buildup is on your wheels or watch the video below on some of the most dangerous roads in the United States:

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