As winter weather arrives, sample seasonal cocktails at Chicago restaurants and bars


The purple hour

Cocktail: All Pin for you

This punch-style winter drink evokes the flavors of all seasons with juicy black cherry notes, rosemary aroma and a hint of allspice. The cocktail uses a shared base of vodka and Colombian Aguardiente, an alcohol made from anise and sugar cane.


Cocktail: Old Sport

The Old Sport replaces the gin with a warm Russel’s Reserve 10-Year-Old Bourbon and pairs it with apple brandy, campari, sweet vermouth and a mix of bitters – both the smoked orange and the cherry bark variety. The lingering cinnamon spice of bourbon in tandem with the fruity dustings of orange and cherry.

The ordinary graceful

Cocktail: #pumpkin spice

Caffeinated, alcoholic and with fall spices, The Graceful Ordinary’s #pumpkinspice is a seasonal option. The vodka and espresso are sweetened with maple syrup, then topped with a cold foam of pumpkin cream, cinnamon and nutmeg.

with North River

Cocktail: By For The Cores

The brainchild of Kate Smith, the female force behind the brand’s beverage program, the pour is at home on the River North restaurant menu and combines Laird’s straight apple brandy with Cocchi Americano as well as flavors of the season like Honeycrisp Shrub and Pomegranate Grenadine. before finishing with wildflower honey. The end result is a tangy, spicy and funky sip.

Maple & Ash

Cocktail: Baller, Shot Caller

A tabletop smoke spectacle, this cold-weather pour combines sweet and spicy. Cutting through the heat of Wild Turkey Rare Breed and the smoke of Balvenie 12 Year Old with a hint of lemon zest, the outfit is finished with a hint of white truffle honey before being topped with a layer of smoke.


Cocktail: Martini with candied squash

Windy offers a sweet take on a classic winter vegetable with the Candied Squash Martini. The drink combines smoked mezcal with maple syrup, lemon juice, and mashed butternut squash in a coupe glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar. Additionally, for every cocktail sold in November, Venteux will donate $1 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, an organization that fights hunger by connecting neighbors to healthy food and providing solutions that address the root causes. from hunger.

The Whistler

Cocktail: Intermediate Season

Demerara rum and earthy reposado tequila give this seasonal drink its signature depth, while allspice and a hint of nutmeg round out its baking spice notes. The combination of earth and spice evokes the aromas of last year’s shoulder season when fallen autumn leaves pepper the ground, with a bright hint of lime.

meadow meadowlark

Cocktail: Cedar Waxwing

Staff at newly opened craft cocktail bar, The Meadowlark, describe sipping Cedar Waxwing like a walk through the redwood forest in early winter after a cold rain. The crunchy, earthy cocktail includes St. George Terrior Gin, Green Chartreuse, and Braulio Alpine Amaro, made with over 20 different herbs and mountain plants. Tossed and served over a large piece of ice with a bright, grassy stotol spritz and a sprig of mint.

Farmhouse bar with lake view

Cocktail: not your grandmother’s tea

Farm Bar, a neighborhood tavern located in Chicago’s Lakeview, features a seasonally rotating menu along with fresh ingredients sourced from co-owner, TJ Callahan’s Brown Dog Farm in Wisconsin. Farm Bar has created a hot cocktail in the Not Your Grandma’s Tea. Not Your Grandma’s tea is made with Jeppson’s bourbon, hot apple cider made with Brown Dog Farm apples, orange and star anise.

The dear-born

Cocktail: Gluhwein

Located in Chicago’s Loop neighborhood, The Dearborn offers a hot new cocktail for cold weather. The Dearborn will serve a Gluhwein which will contain mulled red wine, brandy, ruby ​​port, lemon, orange, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, grapes golden beans and dried apricots.

LG’s bar and kitchen

Cocktail: Gingerbread toddy and mulled wine

LG’s Bar & Kitchen is an Irish-American bar located in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. LG offers a Gingerbread Hot Toddy and mulled wine. Gingerbread Hot Toddy is served with gingerbread tea, bumbu rum, honey and lemon. The other drink offered by LG is mulled wine which is served with red wine and spices.


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