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A Chicago man has been held without bail after allegedly shooting a 39-year-old man inside the victim’s own car at a West Garfield Park gas station over the summer.

Isaiah Hudson, 24, appeared in court Thursday following his arrest for first degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and habitual armed criminal resulting from the deadly September 1 shooting.

The victim’s name was not given during Thursday’s hearing, but he was reportedly identified as Anthony Monden.

According to Deputy State Attorney Brian Burkhardt, Monden was filling his vehicle with gasoline at a station on the 400 block of South Kostner Avenue when Hudson was dropped off there by an Uber driver.

Hudson, who Burkhardt said was “easily identifiable” on surveillance video, spoke with two unknown men outside the gas station before entering and making a purchase. Hudson then exited the store, spoke to the men a second time, then walked over to Monden.

Although there is no sound available, surveillance footage from the gas station shows Hudson starting to talk to Monden, according to Burkhardt. After this brief conversation, Monden got into his car, while Hudson walked around the car and climbed into the front passenger seat.

At this point, he allegedly took a gun from his belt, shot Monden in the neck and fled the scene on foot. Monden was rushed to hospital and stabilized, but later died of his injuries, Burkhardt said.

Within an hour of the shooting, Chicago police located Hudson – who was wearing the same clothes and had the same distinctive limp as the suspect seen on video at the gas station – about three blocks from the scene, but he was released pending further investigation. , according to Burkhardt.

Investigators obtained the Uber tapes from Hudson’s phone and located the driver who dropped him off at the gas station. This driver was able to identify Hudson, according to Burkhardt.

Hudson was then arrested at his home on Tuesday and charged with the shooting. During the arrest, a handgun was found in a backpack at the house, and Burkhardt said ballistic tests revealed it to be the weapon used in the fatal shooting.

Hudson is due to return to court on November 19.

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