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2 Chicago cops charged with crimes in Pilsen shooting. “They shot me for no reason”

Two Chicago police officers are facing charges in connection with an on-duty shooting this summer in Pilsen that left two people injured, one seriously.

Officer Ruben Reynoso, 42, and Sgt. Christopher Liakopoulos, 43, were both charged with aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated discharge with a firearm and official misconduct. They could face a maximum of 30 years in prison, according to state attorney Kim Foxx.

The officers are accused of lying about being shot first. Their “claims have been contradicted by videotaped evidence”, which shows that they in fact fired first, Foxx told a news conference.

Reynoso has been in office since 2003 and Liakopoulos since 2001, Foxx said. Both were assigned to the Major Accidents Unit at the time of the July 22 shooting.

They were in plain clothes and riding in an unmarked patrol car when they stopped to investigate a group of people in the 1000 block of West 18th Street around 7 a.m., a source told the Sun-Times.

Gunshots erupted and Miguel Medina, 23, was shot in the back and thigh. Foxx said he was not in possession of a firearm.

“The officers had no provocation or justification to shoot the unarmed victim,” she said. “The evidence does not support the use of deadly force.”

Another person on the street returned fire, Foxx said, but the officers were untouched.

Reached by phone earlier in the day, Medina said the police “shot me for no reason. Once the video is posted, it will show what happened.

Mitch Dudek and Tom Schuba have more on the allegations here.

More news you need

  1. Chicago taxpayers will spend $15 million to compensate the family of a 37-year-old mother of six who was killed during a high-speed police chase that supervisors ordered officers to stop. Fran Spielman has more on the settlement.
  2. A longtime Cook County Review Board employee pleaded guilty today to a federal bribery charge for accepting money in exchange for lower property tax assessments. Danilo Barjaktarevic’s guilty plea came more than a year after the Sun-Times reported he was under FBI investigation.
  3. With growing demand for marijuana and hemp, the University of Illinois and 11 community colleges across the state are stepping up efforts to offer courses that prepare students for jobs in the cannabis industry. Patrick Filbin of WBEZ talks more about the emergence of cannabis courses in Illinois higher education.
  4. A Northwest chemistry professor has found a way to destroy “forever chemicals,” harmful, ubiquitous contaminants that don’t break down in the environment or the human body. Read Brett Chase’s full story on William Dichtel’s potentially major discovery.

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A bright

For the fresco of fatherhood in Wicker Park, Joe Miller used models he knows well: his brother and his niece

Joe Miller titled the mural “#DADSTRENGTH”.

It is 50 feet tall and spans a 50-foot-long stretch of wall at 1821 W. North Ave. in Wicker Park and features a sleeping child lovingly held by his father.

“People can look at it and see themselves as the child or the father,” says Miller, 39, who painted it last September. “Both ideas are important to feel – both comforted or empowered.”

The work was particularly personal for the Canaryville artist, who grew up in Marquette Park.

Joe Miller painted his brother and niece on a wall in Wicker Park last September.

Joe Miller painted his brother and niece on a wall in Wicker Park last September.

He started with a photograph of his own family members – his brother Sam and his niece Leyla, who was 2 years old in the photo and is now 5.

Location was also important. He had done another mural there over the four-story space — of a giant blue cloud with beams of color — for a planned music festival that ultimately didn’t happen. His organizers made him quit the job before he was done, and he wanted to come back but create something personal there this time.

Miller says he said to the owner of the building, “I would like to do something that comes from me, for me.”

Read Nicky Andrews’ full story about Miller and her latest play here.

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Yesterday we asked you: what is the classic staple of a Chicago apartment or house? Here’s what some of you said…

“Garden chairs in the garden or on the balcony. Chicagoans spend as much time as possible outdoors in the summer, as the winters are long, cold, and dark.—Dave Lesiak

“Giardiniera in the fridge and an 85′ Bears poster in the garage.” —Dave Pietruszka

“A dull white fridge sticking out in the hallway like an afterthought.” —Jason Epperson

“A windbreaker under the door for the winter!” —Linda Anderson Parris

“Old Style in the fridge and Malort at the bar.” —Adam Fryer

“A bag of Jewel Osco bags filled with grocery bags.” —Alyssa Marie

“A Cubs pennant and a ‘W’ flag!” —David Conkle

“False fireplaces that serve as coats and bookshelves.” —Christine Bock

“A snow shovel on the porch in June.” —Lara Weber

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