Chicago News Roundup: Highland Park Massacre Victims Sue, CPD Agrees to Improved Access to Lawyers at Train Stations and More


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4th of July Massacre in Highland Park: First lawsuits filed, say attack ‘predictable and preventable’

The families of three people killed in the 4th of July Parade Massacre in Highland Park and dozens injured filed lawsuits today in Lake County against gun maker Smith & Wesson, two gun stores, the man who was charged with the shooting and his father, accusing them in part of violating Illinois consumer laws before the attack.

“Our legal theory on the complaint is that it was foreseeable and avoidable,” said attorney Anthony Romanucci, whose law firm Romanucci & Blandin is part of a legal team filing a series of lawsuits, saying “the shooter was the type of a young consumer”. susceptible to Smith & Wesson’s deceptive and unfair marketing, and was activated by his father.

The civil actions — separate from the criminal charges that shooting suspect Robert Crimo III faces — cite what they say are violations of Illinois’ Consumer Fraud Act, which prohibits consumer fraud and deceptive practices.

The lawsuits, which could have broad implications for firearms manufacturers, have been filed against the following parties:

Smith & Wessonthe maker of the M&P15 line, the assault-style weapon used in the July 4 attack that killed seven people and injured more than 48. The arms maker, according to the lawsuits, “markets its rifles as ‘assault on impulsive young men by appealing to their propensity for risk and excitement’, maintaining an active social media presence using violent video games – including those played by Crimo – and social influencers like marketing tools.

Bud’s Gun Shop in Lexington, online gun retailer, and Red Dot Arm, a gun store in Lake County where, in July 2020, Crimo (then 19) picked up the Smith & Wesson M&P15 ordered from Bud’s Gun Shop. The lawsuits say the two gun shops should never have sold the Crimo assault rifle because they knew its billing address and were “knowing the shooter was a resident of Highland Park or Highwood.” , communities where it is illegal for residents to “acquire and possess”. assault weapons.”

crimewho is being held in Lake County Jail on more than 100 counts including murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault, turned 22 on September 20. The lawsuits say the shooter “was exactly the type of unstable and impressionable young consumer, obsessed with violence and filled with hatred and depressive thoughts, susceptible to Smith & Wesson marketing and more likely to engage in dangerous behavior.

Robert Crimo Jr., who signed the necessary papers for his son, a minor, to buy a weapon. Senior Crimo “enabled the shooter’s lust for violence by sponsoring his FOID candidacy, despite knowing the shooter was deranged and threatening violence.” The father, according to the lawsuits, paved the way for his son to obtain a weapon despite the young Crimo’s past threats to kill himself and his family.

Lynn Sweethas more on the costume here.

More news you need

  1. With the series of lawsuits, families and victims are speaking out, some for the first time, about their life-altering loss, trauma and fear – and their determination to hold those they say are responsible accountable. You can read excerpts from their poignant testimonies here.
  2. A federal grand jury indicted James Sajdak, a longtime former Chicago police officer, on civil rights charges for an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault in March 2019. Our Jon Seidel has more on the case here.
  3. Convicted felon may have suffered ‘mental health episode’ when he broke into a Chicago police station, grabbed unloaded firearms off a table and aimed at officers before shooting be shot, his public defender said today. Assault and burglary charges have been filed against the 47-year-old.
  4. The US Department of Labor has proposed a $201,000 fine to Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co. for a safety violation at the suburban Bellwood factory. Our David Struett has more on the breaches reported here.
  5. Getting your phone call while in Chicago police custody should be easier after city officials today settled a lawsuit with activist and legal aid groups alleging the CPD routinely denies arrested persons access to lawyers. The lawsuit required the CPD to install telephones in each interrogation room, educate all detainees of their right to counsel and allow them to make a call within a reasonable time of arriving at the station.
  6. Residents of several Alden care homes in the city and suburbs filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing the care home operator of endangering residents by understaffing, leading to illness and injury. The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, names six Alden facilities — three in Chicago and one each in Cicero, Harvey and McHenry — that house about 1,400 people combined.

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A bright

In ‘Bros’, Billy Eichner is just a boy, sitting in front of a boy, making a terrific romantic comedy

When Bobby met Aaron…

The result is “Bros,” one of the funniest, smartest, heartiest, most enjoyable romantic comedies of recent years, writes Sun-Times reviewer Richard Roeper in his 3.5-star review.

The film could be considered a 21st century update of classic films of the genre from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, from “When Harry Met Sally…” to “You’ve Got Mail”, from “Notting Hill” to ” Love, Actually”, from “Four Weddings and a Funeral” to “Jerry Maguire”.

The bond between Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) and Bobby (Billy Eichner) is obvious to everyone but them in “Bros.”

Nicole Rivelli/Universal Pictures via AP

Of course, it’s a special time for the movies, considering it’s a mainstream theatrical release, an R-rated gay rom-com featuring a cast of LGBTQ actors, and of course we should salute that – but for all its thoughtful avant-casting, cutting-edge credentials, sexual frankness and cultural awareness, “Bros” should also be celebrated for creating an instant near-classic of the genre, filled with so many touchstones that we expect rom-coms and comedies featuring crisp writing and a host of richly layered performances from actors who can handle fast-paced comedy as well as legitimate drama, writes Roeper.

It’s all here, from the cute encounter to the awkward early courtship scenes to the wise friends who mainly exist to comment on your life to the scene where they buy a Christmas tree, and we could go on, but you know the formula – and In the hands of director/co-writer Nicholas Stoller (“Forget Sarah Marshall,” “The Five-Year Engagement”) and co-writer/star Billy Eichner, “Bros” hits the mark on so many romantic-comedy notes , albeit in a very 2022 setting with a wonderfully diverse cast of supporting players. J

It’s a story set in the world of Grindr and throuples and poppers and up/down talks and and while the situations in “Bros” are rooted in gay culture, it’s mostly a story about two human beings who’ve been saying forever that they ‘I’m not looking for love – but maybe they’ve been looking in the wrong places, you know?

Read Roeper’s full review here.

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Your daily question☕

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Email us at [email protected] and we might feature your response in the next afternoon edition.

Yesterday we asked you: Name a Chicagoan who inspires you. Here’s what some of you said…

“Toni Preckwinckle. Honest and competent. Barack Obama a close second. —Andrew Zwick

“Tim Samuelson. His passion for Chicago history and his endless curiosity that keep him active and collaborating with a range of people, from his early youth to his retirement, and beyond. He is one of those people who reminds me that in a busy big city where there are so many of us, it is still possible to bring something unique to the table. See also — Paul Durica and Eric J. Nordstrom. Oh, and Studs Terkel, although he’s no longer with us. What a beautiful human being. — Shira Raider

“Pastor Cory Brooks, his mission is to build a center for young people.” —Green Jeans

“Carl Sandbourg. His poetry about Chicago is magnificent. —Andre Bell

“Michael Vasilas of Greek Prime Kitchen & Bar. Loves the community and throughout the pandemic always has a smile on his face.” —Mike Pilatos

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Reverend Jesse Jackson and Barack and Michelle Obama.” —Karri Bolling

“Jeanne Gang. She designs beautiful buildings and loves what she does. — Craig Barner

“Melody Angel because she’s running for justice.” —Jeff Hornstein

“Theaster Gates, who combines artistry, intellect, music, real estate improvements and public speaking to be a titan on the humanities stage at home and abroad.” —Geraldine Conrad

“Curtis Mayfield. He had hits for several decades and established his own label and studio in Chicago where he recorded, produced and released iconic hits like ‘Superfly’.Dan Schiller

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