Chicago plans to turn highways into toll roads


In an effort to ease congestion in Chicago and fund infrastructure projects, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) released its On to 2050 plan this week with some proposals that could address this issue.

“We have spoken to many people struggling with extreme congestion. Managed lanes are a way to think about how to access a smooth traffic lane? Part of that has to do with lane pricing,” said Erin Aleman, executive director of CMAP.

A CMAP proposal is to add “managed lanes” to several freeways in Chicago, which would be toll highway lanes.

The topics offered relate to:

  • The Eisenhower from I-88 to Racine Avenue
  • I-90 from Jane Addams to I-94 merge
  • I-90/94 from Edens Junction to Hubbard Street
  • I-94 from the toll spur to Lawrence Avenue
  • Kennedy and Dan Ryan from Hubbard Street to 31st Street
  • I-55 from DuSable Lake Shore Drive to I-80
  • I-55 between I-90/94 and I-355

Current express lanes on the Kennedy would be converted under the new plan to include peak-hour surge pricing.

“A lot of them are dynamically priced, as increasingly busy prices might rise and shift to other modes,” Aleman said. “We’re going to have to do something different to have a better experience on our roads.”

In developing the On to 2050 plan, CMAP spent approximately three years working with organizations to conduct research, publish more than 2 dozen reports, and engage with residents in seven counties. The On to 2050 plan builds on its predecessor, Go to 2040.


Source: WCPA


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