Chicago restaurants are getting a well-deserved boost from the number of customers ordering food for the 2022 Super Bowl

CHICAGO (WLS) — Whether it was takeout or indoor dining, Super Bowl Sunday was all about enjoying the big game! Of course, their hunger is a cash benefit for many local restaurants.

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, some traditions never change.

“We have pizza, wings and salad,” said Larry Elman, who ordered takeout.

“That’s our thing! Cut it into squares, extra thin. A deep dish is fine, but the Culver style is the way to go,” added Erik Jensen.

After two unpredictable years of the pandemic, this weekend’s football rush is allowing small businesses, like Italian restaurant La Gondola in Lakeview, to thrive.

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“We love hanging out with small businesses, especially in these times, because they’re having such a hard time staying open,” Elman said.

And what’s a Super Bowl Sunday without its chicken wings?

The owners of Buffalo Wings & Rings in Chicago’s South End are always ready to cook up a favorite football game.

“It gave us a little bit more confidence that we’re turning the corner with the pandemic and we’re back on track to get back to normal,” said Justin Bobin, co-owner of Buffalo Wings and Rings.

While some took their dinner home, others decided to celebrate the game with some great old-fashioned indoor dining at The Ogden in the West Loop.

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Client Antonio Pavloski said during Sunday’s game that he was cheering on the Bengals, but on Monday he will return to support the home team.

“Once the Super Bowl is over, we’ll vote for the Bears again. So, you know, we have to make it happen,” he said.

A night of sporting fun turned into much-needed profit for restaurants surviving the pandemic.

“I think people feel safer, which is great for the whole industry,” said Terry Psaltakis, co-owner of The Ogden. “And, we see it today as well. So, we’re happy about that.”

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