Chicago restaurants cry foul over return of in-state dining ban – NBC Chicago


Earlier this week, Gov. JB Pritzker announced mitigation efforts for several areas of the state, including Chicago, and as residents can imagine, the decision to close indoor restaurants is drawing anger business owners who are already suffering since the first round of restrictions in March.

“We make four to six cents on the dollar,” said Phil Stafani Restaurants chief financial officer Steven Hartenstein. “How can we survive? »

Hartenstein says customers and employees were just beginning to trust the safety of restaurant operations, but will again be forced to lay off employees.

He says the government must come up with a financial package to help the restaurant industry survive.

“I feel like the restaurant industry has been singled out without any facts and that’s just not fair,” Hartenstein said.

With Chicago averaging more than 900 daily coronavirus cases, Pritzker defended his decision on Wednesday, even as Chicago’s mayor initially disagreed with his decision.

“They have struggled since March. It’s the industry that’s been hit the hardest,” said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The governor also pointed out that more than 600 Chicago businesses have taken advantage of business interruption grants. For more information on applying for a grant, click here.

Edie’s All Day Café in River North has changed its business model to ‘fast-casual’ to weather restrictions during the pandemic.

“You can’t just say you’re in one direction because there are so many people who rely on us to be able to be in business,” Edie owner Arturo Gomez said.

The new restrictions are due to come into force on Friday, although some groups have hinted they will seek a temporary injunction to prevent the rules from being enforced.


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