Electric car owners pay no gas tax for roads and bridges; Vickroy’s column about indifferent fast food workers; baseless accusations only undermine trust in government – Chicago Tribune


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To keep waiting: In a more perfect world, sexual predator Deshaun Watson would apologize to every woman who ever lived for his treatment of their gender, China would admit that COVID originated in one of their testing labs, and Trump would acknowledge his false claim that he was a victim. in the 2020 election and promise never to mislead the American people again, followed by a disingenuous apology for lying again.

Column point on: Thank you, Donna Vickroy, for your insightful column on drive-thru fast food restaurants. This information is for all fast food franchise executives and CEOs. Your employees are sullen, disrespectful and don’t care about customer service. Fifty percent of the time the orders are incorrect after waiting an incredible amount of time. Take the time to hire the right people, people who really want to work, not people who work just because the money is there.

Sabotage our system: A flood of baseless accusations are spreading about the FBI, DOJ, IRS and election officials who are supposed to instill distrust in our government. Members of one of our major political parties are desperately trying to plant baseless seeds that the current administration is corrupting these agencies. Does the American public understand that these agencies are a mix of Republicans and Democrats loyal to our country and would certainly disclose the corruption if there was any truth to these pig washing accusations? These accusers have only one thing in common: political sabotage!

Hillary survey done: A Speak Out commentator asked when the FBI was going to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Well, the Trump administration had four years to prosecute her. In case you missed it, Republican-led congressional committees spent more than $80 million investigating her. She sat through 11 hours of questioning by Republican House committees and they didn’t put a glove on her. They found nothing worth charging. And, oh yes, unlike Trump and his associates, she didn’t have to accept the Fifth Amendment once.

No gas tax for electric cars: I just have a question. If the gas tax is used for roads, bridges and public transit to help them, what will electric cars do to bring the gas tax back to market? They use the same roads, bridges and public transport.


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