Ginger Zee visits Michigan, challenges us because our roads suck


Michigan roads suck. This is a fact well known to those of us who live here. And thanks to Good Morning America’s Ginger Zee, the whole country knows it too.

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ABC’s chief meteorologist took a trip in an electric vehicle with a few crew members in tow. The trio traveled from New York to Detroit to visit Ford’s production plant which is ramping up its production of electric vehicles. After today’s broadcast (4/19), they’re heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Valdosta, Georgia, then Miami, Florida.

What Did Ginger Zee Say About Michigan’s Roads?

Zee is from Michigan, so she can get away with taking a hit in Michigan for her infrastructure, especially since we’re all doing the same thing.

When Ginger and her crew arrived in Mitten State, she tweeted the video below, along with a disclaimer that she was from our great state.

“I’m a Michigander, so I can say this,” she began. “Electric vehicles are really quiet, unless you’re on a highway in Michigan.”

She tagged the post with #potholes, #roadmess and #whatishappening.

Ouch. But she’s not wrong.

Why is Ginger Zee road tripping in an electric vehicle?

Zee notes in the video below that she and her family purchased an electric vehicle just over a year ago and hope to answer many questions about electric vehicle ownership and the challenges related to charging and road journeys.

She notes that at this point, taking an EV ride requires a bit of planning in order to replenish the vehicle’s charge. It also takes longer because it takes time to charge an EV. But she estimated that trip would only cost about $120 in electricity, whereas a traditional gas-powered vehicle would have required about $550 in gas.

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