How to Report Potholes and Rough Roads in East Central Indiana


MUNCIE, Ind. – Getting through late winter is tough for all of us, but maybe tougher on the paved roads that crack and crumble under our tires – or maybe it should be the drivers who have to navigate these increasingly cratered streets.

It is not possible to make lasting repairs on bad stretches of road until the weather warms up enough to allow full-scale paving work. But in the meantime, road crews can get temporary pothole fixes — but, as officials often note, only if they know where to find them.

As you and your car encounter the toughest roads in East Central Indiana, here’s how to flag them and hopefully save yourself (and others) from blown tires and damaged suspension.

Potholes mark a section of W. Jackson Street in Muncie on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.


The City of Muncie website has a Street Issues Reporting Center at In order to complete the simple eight question form, be sure to note a nearby cross street, if not a particular address, to locate the potholes you wish to report, as part of the report is displayed on a map where they are.

The hub includes a map showing where issues have already been reported and progress being made to resolve them. (The same form can be used to report other issues such as road debris and damaged or missing traffic signs or lights.)

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Delaware County

The Delaware County Highway Department routinely takes calls to its general office number, 765-747-7818, for reports of potholes or other road-related problems in unincorporated parts of the county.

Highways Department Superintendent Tommie Humbert said when bad stretches of road are called during business hours, crews can often fix them the same day; after-hours callers can leave a voicemail to report the location of potholes. Information about potholes in the county can also be sent to Humbert’s email, [email protected]

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Indiana Highways

Potholes on Interstates, US Interstates, or Indiana State Roads can be reported online at or by phone at 855-INDOT4U (463-6848). Anyone reporting a pothole will need to provide the county, state road number, mile marker or nearest cross street, along with the direction of travel and the lane where the pothole is located. hen, according to the website.

Blackford County

In Hartford City, report potholes to the City Streets Department by calling the Department of Public Works at 765-348-3363.

In Montpellier, report potholes by calling the city building, 765-728-5642.

In Blackford County outside of towns, report any potholes by calling the Blackford County Highway Department, 765-348-0306.

Henry County

In New Castle, report potholes to Street Services by calling 765-521-6831.

In unincorporated areas of Henry County, report potholes to the county highway department by calling 765-529-4100.

Jay County

In Portland, potholes can be reported by calling the City Street Department at 260-726-4077.

In unincorporated areas of Jay County, report potholes by calling the county highway department at 260-726-8701.

Randolph County

In Winchester, potholes can be reported by calling 765-584-6845, according to the city’s website.

In unincorporated Randolph County, report road issues by calling the county highway department at 765-584-2601, according to the county’s website.

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