I see this rule violated on NJ roads everyday


Drivers in New Jersey and perhaps the rest of the country seem totally oblivious to why there are thick white lines at intersections. This line is placed there to show you that you cannot pass it when stopped at a red light.

White stop lines are often painted at intersections where traffic signs or signals are present to indicate where you should stop your vehicle. If there are no lines, vehicles must stop before the pedestrian crossing. It is according to the law.

Photo Dennis Malloy

Photo Dennis Malloy

We don’t know if people in other states violate this rule as much as we do here in New Jersey. Maybe they’re not as rushed as we are, whatever, 10 feet over the line won’t get you anywhere faster.

Maybe it’s the fact that we have more left-turn lanes than other states. This is where it is the most important and the most boring.

If a driver turns left on the road you are on at a red light, the line is painted there to give that car enough room to make the turn safely. Some people go way over the line and cause a problem. Yeah, I secretly hope they get the front end taken down by a semi that needs every inch of that intersection to make the turn.

Photo Dennis Malloy

Photo Dennis Malloy

I don’t know if anyone ever got a ticket for this in New Jersey, but a guy in Florida did. I don’t like to see people getting tickets and I generally think we have way too much finicky laws in this state, but why it doesn’t seem obvious is a mystery to me.

Some people even stop on or beyond the lines of the crosswalk. Yes, it would be nice to see an 8-foot giant follow the lines of the crosswalk and stomp on the hood of this car. I’m just saying.

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