Illinois officials urge caution on roads this winter


If the snow wasn’t enough to get your attention this week, the Illinois Department of Transportation is urging motorists to pack in for the winter.

The Department of Transportation launched its annual safety campaign on Wednesday reminding drivers to prepare for winter conditions.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time, slow down, increase space between other vehicles, especially plows on the road. And as the days get shorter and darker, be sure to stay safe on the roads and always watch out for other drivers.


“Be prepared to reduce speeds, remain patient and increase the driving distance between vehicles at all times,” said Jose Rios, IDOT Regional Engineer. “Please share the roads and don’t clutter the plow. That’s one thing we really have as you is to keep space between you driving your vehicles and our vehicles, it will of course be safer and allow us to do our job faster.”

Also be aware that a national shortage of commercial vehicle drivers will impact winter operations crews.

“Regardless of the numbers, we ask the public to remain patient. Either way, we won’t stop working until the job is done. This season, plan ahead and ask yourself if this trip is really necessary,” Rios said.

IDOT also recruits for temporary and permanent positions. The workforce is down by around 10 to 15% compared to the same period last year.


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