June 11: Bumpy Roads, Rocky Transit, Restorative Kindness, and Other Letters


Biden’s mistake

On good old Joe’s decision to exclude three countries from the Summit of the Americas: I believe there’s an old adage that goes something like this: “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies close.” »

If I’m close to being right on the saying, maybe someone should mention it to Joe. He may have forgotten it, or more generously, never heard it.

Good Samaritans

My faith in human goodness has been restored! While enjoying a walk down Stonechurch Road on Sunday I tripped and landed on my face. Once I got over the shock of the fall, a nice young man came to my aid. His name was Jesse and he was an off-duty firefighter in Toronto. He calmed me down and made sure I was okay and called 911.

Shortly after, we were joined by a gentleman called Van, an off-duty policeman from Thorold, and he was kind enough to give me a bottle of water.

I thanked my lucky stars for being there when I needed help, and I can’t thank them enough for coming to my aid. Both are a credit to their city and their profession!

Mary Tinson, Stoney Creek

rough roads

Thus, a road in Hamilton was once again selected as the worst in the province. The same route was on this list before, but this year it took home the top prize. Sorry friends, we didn’t have time to fix it. We’re too busy getting ready for super TLR. We don’t care if someone planning to visit, work or drive in the east end chooses this winner, we have better things to come in the years to come. The road isn’t really important in the grand scheme of things here in Hamilton, it just handles the load of a lot of our heavy industrial businesses and they only pay a small percentage of the city’s tax base. We will fix it once we resolve our other issues.

big theater

Recently, I and a number of other members of The Burlington Footnotes, joined a packed house at BPAC to enjoy the latest production from the Burlington Student Theater. We were not disappointed. All past Broadway or Stratford castings of “Chicago” would have been a little chastised to see these young people perform at such a level.

Everything from the amazing orchestra, to the movement of the props, to the staging and the endless array of perfect vocals was such a pleasure. It was obvious that the cast members were proud of what they did and had fun doing it.

Congratulations to all senior and junior members of the show, Rainer Nowak and his team for another brilliant production, and thank you to all of us who had a perfect evening.

Denise Potter, Burlington

The sacrifice

Thank goodness Chief Justice Richard Wagner and his ilk were not aboard the D-Day landing craft where prayers were the only qualifier between life and death. Situational ethics and relative morality were governed by the absolute that there was no gum at the end of a bullet or a bomb. And thousands have paid the ultimate price to allow today’s Wagners to reflect on the prospects of rehabilitating multiple murderers!

When a society loses the will to invoke non-negotiable maximum penalties, it loses sight of the sacrifice.

Douglas L. Martin, Hamilton

rock passage

Kudos to Ken Watson for his description of what it’s like to take public transit to downtown Toronto. Until recently, most of the time you had to take a bus from Hamilton to catch a train to Toronto. Ridiculous! The weekly cost from West Harbor is prohibitive and if you need a bike for the second leg of your trip, it’s illegal to bring one during peak hours. Until public transit becomes more convenient and reasonable, all the sermons in the world about its benefits won’t change people’s habits. Maybe it’s time to send a Metrolinx representative to any city in Europe armed with a notepad and a pen.

David BorsellinoHamilton

MacKay succeeded

I turned the page, to my favorite section of your diary, and burst out laughing. MacKay’s cartoons are the best representation of all things political and Thursday’s was no exception! Sixty percent of Ontario voters have nothing to reproach themselves for in the years to come and shame on them! I voted.


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