Kentucky transportation crews are working hard to keep roads clear | News


PADUCAH (WSIL) – It’s obvious, Old Man Winter isn’t happy with the Midwest.

“Well, because of the heavy rain, we really didn’t get a chance to pre-treat,” said Keith Todd of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Wednesday afternoon rain now turning to ice is forcing Kentucky transportation workers to catch up.

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“When they pull up tonight, all they have to do is put the key in the truck’s ignition, pull out of the parking lot, and start spreading salt,” Todd said.

Crews spent the night and morning spreading salt all over the roads. The big ice warning on the roads.

They remind all drivers to check their surroundings as ice can form from water on the ground wherever you drive.

Todd said that while crews are dealing with roads, watch out for areas that are more likely to freeze faster.

“One of the issues we have is people start driving and think the pavement is wet, then they hit a hill or some slippery place and then you have a major problem,” Todd explained.

Todd says if you’re thinking of driving over the Brookport Bridge, think again. It is now closed and likely will be until at least Saturday when temperatures rise above freezing.

“Right now the traffic there is about 4,400 vehicles a day, so those 4,400 vehicles will have to go to the I-24 bridge between Metropolis and Paducah to cross. So especially for people who live here nearby , that’s quite an inconvenience.”

One downside, mother nature and old man, winter will likely continue for the next few days.


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