Little Rock drivers brave icy roads


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Freezing conditions and freezing temperatures didn’t stop motorists from hitting the roads in Little Rock on Thursday, even as sleet continued to fall.

Maceo Brooks has to travel for his job. A snowplow driver in town for over 10 years, he knows the roads of Little Rock by heart. He says this winter storm isn’t even close to the worst he’s seen, but it’s still a good idea for neighbors to stay home.

“I think last year was worse than that,” Brooks said. “But now you’re better off at home because there’s ice cream in there.” There was sleet first, so it makes the road really slippery.

While Brooks works 12 hours straight, he’s not the only motorist on the road.

Mark “Agave” Tony decided to brave the area on Thursday afternoon. The Chicago native knows a thing or two about ice and says his only concern has come from a hill.

“I just came out of one and couldn’t even get my brakes off,” he explained. “Time is, it’s really elegant but I’m swinging in this Audi, I tell you!”

As the roads remain frozen overnight as the temperature drops below freezing, he has some advice for drivers: “Don’t panic. Don’t drive too fast.


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