Lowell Park, Pines Roads Intersection Gets Rumble Strips – Shaw Local


POLO — Temporary rumble strips have been installed on Lowell Park Road at its intersection with Pines Road.

More than 20 accidents have occurred at the intersection since 2009.

In a previous interview, Ogle County Engineer Jeremy Ciesiel said there are plans to install permanent soundtracks as part of the 2023 construction season.

“The co-operation of the owners [near the intersection] signing a petition made the process much easier to do,” Ciesiel said. “There was concern for the proximity of the inhabitants [to the rumble strips]but when they were in favor, we were able to move forward.

From January 1, 2009 to April 30 this year, 21 accidents occurred at the intersection located in the Polo countryside, according to a traffic study conducted by Ciesiel. Sixteen of them involved drivers on Lowell Park Road who failed to obey stop signs or yield to traffic on Pines Road after coming to a stop.

The temporary soundtracks cost around $4,000, Ciesiel said. He expects permanent rumble strips to cost between $24,000 and $25,000, based on previous project costs.

These temporary soundtracks will be “an experience” because of how long they seek to keep them in place, Ciesiel said.

“To be honest, we haven’t had them for more than two months,” he said. “I’m not sure he’ll hold up. I got a different variety from what we had on previous projects in hopes of being able to hold them in place through the winter, but I don’t know what a plow will do to them.


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