Poor quality roads and bridges cost Illinois drivers, study shows


ILLINOIS – A to study shows that deteriorating roads and bridges costs Illinois drivers hundreds of dollars a year.

The high costs that drivers pay are a direct result of a combination of what the Federal Highway Administration considers unacceptable roads and poor bridge decks.

Nick VinZant, of QuoteWizard, said that as a result, drivers in Illinois pay an additional $ 586 per year.

“We looked at the number of unacceptable roads, bad bridges, wasted commuting time, efficiency, all kinds of things, and we were basically able to put a dollar figure on how much bad roads cost drivers. . “said VinZant.

Governor JB Pritzker’s plan to “rebuild Illinois” doubled the state’s gasoline tax from 19 cents to 38 cents per gallon to help fund infrastructure improvements. Illinois residents now pay the second highest gasoline tax in the country.

VinZant said Illinois uses 4% of transportation dollars to repair roads and bridges. This is compared to North and South Dakota which used almost 70% of transportation dollars to repair roads.

“We looked at all of the state’s transportation dollars and what percentage of that is spent on road repairs, and Illinois actually has the third lowest amount for road repairs,” a- he declared.

According to the Reason Foundation, Illinois roads are ranked 40th in the United States in terms of profitability and conditions.

“Union membership tends to drive up costs, so heavily unionized states tend to drive up costs, which we see as a pretty big factor,” said researcher Baruch Feigenbaum.

Illinois is set to receive at least $ 17 billion over the next few years from the $ 1,000 billion federal infrastructure bill. Nationally, about $ 110 billion is earmarked for roads, bridges and other major projects.

“Now that we have dollars coming from the federal infrastructure bill in Illinois, it helps us speed up any projects we have on what’s called a multi-year plan,” the governor said last week. .

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