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Clint Patterson on Unsplash

I have personally been there.

If Chicago has never given you chills, there are some spooky restaurants that will surely give you chills. This Halloween is going to be exciting because foodies can find plenty of variety. At the same time, they will experience new things.

You might be served by a man wearing an extremely gruesome outfit or a woman who falls from the 50th floor and has lost her life.

Check out these restaurants if you’re currently in Chicago and up for the challenge.

1. The Signature bedroom and living room

At this restaurant, you can experience Chicago’s most breathtaking view with a fresh sandwich in your hand. It is a perfect place to enjoy meals. I love the aperitifs served in a relaxed setting with the beautiful Windy City sun.

Address: 875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

2. Adobo Grill

Adobo Grill has a history of paranormal activity. Clients often say they hear unusual noises and feel cold touches. If you’re ready to enjoy a meal at Adobo Grill, let me tell you, the menu includes Cazuela de Chorizo, Elote, Chips y Salsa, and Quesadilla Norteña for dinner. It also offers chicken fingers and pasta for the kids.

Address: 215 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60610, USA

3. Raphael’s Restaurant

This restaurant is suitable for those who want to see Grant Park and the spirits simultaneously. The restaurant seems to be haunted by unfriendly people. During my stay there, I once felt the presence of a crying boy.

Address: Rafael Restaurant, Chicago, IL 60605, USA


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