Self-driving cars could be allowed on all roads by 2025


Haven’t learned to drive yet? Listen, we understand. It’s expensive (and difficult!) but now you can ignore your fellow drivers who take your mickey for it. Cars driven by humans may soon be a thing of the past.

It’s true, your friends might have spent their hard-earned cashola driving, but the joke’s on them – vehicles could be driving themselves by 2025. Yes, fully autonomous vehicles could be hitting the roads earlier than expected, after the government injected £100million into the idea.

New laws are introduced to speed up the process (with an extra £34m pumped into security research, and thank goodness, huh?)

Apparently, self-driving vehicles could be used on highways as early as next year — although that’s just highways, mind you. People would need a special license to use them anywhere else. But if all goes according to plan, fully autonomous vehicles will hit the road in about three years – and they can be driven anywhere in the UK.

This is not a totally crazy novelty. Teslas and other cars already have some self-driving features, but not full-fledged self-driving ones. These cars basically use distance-sensing lasers and multiple cameras to spot vehicles, obstacles, and pedestrians as they navigate the road.

You can see why this is a complex issue, but self-driving car proponents believe they will make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians by eliminating human error.

And here’s the thing: New laws would have to be introduced if these cars were to hit the market, which would ensure that the human “driver” would not be at fault for crashes in a fully autonomous vehicle. Instead, the car manufacturer would be liable.

The Department for Transport said the benefits of switching to the self-driving model are not limited to reducing hazards on the roads, it could also create 38,000 new jobs.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: ‘We want the UK to be at the forefront of the development and use of this fantastic technology, and that is why we are investing millions in research vital safety issues and establish the legislation to ensure that we reap all the benefits that this technology promises.’

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