Sewer and Gutter Improvements for Central, Woodlawn Roads in Glenview – Chicago Tribune


Two sections of residential road will be upgraded with storm sewers and curb and gutter improvements, with construction expected to begin this summer.

In their first review of the project, Glenview trustees voted April 5 to establish four special service areas to install storm sewers and new curbs and gutters on Central Road between Harlem and Lehigh Avenues and Woodlawn Road between Wagner and Bradenton Roads. The second board review of the project will take place on April 19.

The project will add storm sewers for 16 homes along Central Road and 23 that are on Woodlawn, and improve curbs and gutters for 20 homes on Central and 25 on Woodlawn.

Improvements to Central Road are budgeted at $140,447 for sewers and $67,530 for curbs and gutters, while construction of Woodlawn will cost $204,015 for sewers and $108,000 for curbs and gutters.

Residents adjacent to the construction will pay 50% of the costs associated with improving curbs and gutters and 60% of the costs associated with installing new storm sewers. The owners’ share of the costs will be divided between them in proportion to the value of their home and paid off over the next 20 years at an interest rate of 5%.

The village will solicit bids for the project in May and award the contracts by June, with the special service areas taking effect June 18.

Joshua Irvine is a freelance journalist for Pioneer Press.


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