Simply Corvette cruises back roads


Oct. 26—GREENSBURG — Fifty-two people in 32 cars from across the state of Indiana, driving their dream Chevy Corvettes, came together Friday night for a locally generated event that captured the imagination and the enthusiasm of gearheads around the world during the Simply Corvette Backroad Boogie.

With some arriving Friday night and staying at the Hampton Inn, the group woke up early Saturday to leisurely drive the winding back roads of southeast Indana, enjoying the fall colors and communing with fellow enthusiasts. of Corvettes from as far away as Chicago.

Planning for the event began in late 2021 on the heels of two other events that garnered overwhelming global attention from a man who simply does it for the love of the sport.

‘Simply Corvettes’ is a Facebook page that started just a few years ago – a site to share photos and inspire conversations with other Corvette lovers. Today, this page has over 23,000 members from as far away as England.

Greensburg native Brian Wyatt has loved Corvettes for many years and his passion for the brand was a fluke.

Wyatt drives a bright red C5 convertible (that’s his car’s body style: there have been eight major body styles introduced by Chevrolet since the Corvette craze began in the mid-’60s). Even though he’s well versed in auto mechanics and mechanics (his career since trade school), he admits he never paid attention to the Corvette until he found one on Facebook MarketPlace.

“It was left to him (the previous owner) by his late father’s best friend, and he put it up for sale at the right price,” Wyatt said. “So I went over there, gave him the money and took him home.”

As for repairs, he replaced the oil sending unit on the engine and that was about it.

“It was a good, ready-to-drive car when I bought it,” he said.

Departing from the Hampton Inn and picking up a few along the way, 32 Corvettes of all colors and body styles made their way to Decatur County’s famous round barn on Moscow Road north of Greensburg. After the chat, photo ops and barn tours were over, the group took off for all parts of southeastern Indiana, making sure to pass by several historic covered bridges built by Kennedy located between Greensburg and Metamora.

Spending an hour in Metamora and then heading to Laurel for lunch, the group split up to fly home at 7:30 p.m.

The Simply Corvette Club sponsors similar events throughout the year and membership is free.

As for the story of why the Corvette craze is big enough to inspire multi-state chapter clubs, Wyatt explained, “The power and handling of a sports car for sports fans unlike anything else in the world.”

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