Snowplow working day and night to clear the roads


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Road conditions are a top concern for many drivers. As you can imagine, this causes major traffic problems in the area.

The snow has stopped, but cold temperatures are still heading our way, so snow plows are working to clear the roads as fast as possible.

The Urbana Public Works Department says its goal is to clear snow and ice before it freezes over in the morning. They are not the only ones working all night. The Champaign and Monticello public works departments plan to continue plowing through the night. Although in Monticello the highways department has announced that they have stopped the plows for the night for safety reasons, but several departments have people working late into the night.

“We’ll have a new crew coming in at 7 tonight, they’ll be plowing until 7 a.m. and we’re keeping this rotation of 12 on, 12 off until it’s all cleaned up,” Jeff Blue, Champaign Engineer in chief of the county highways department, said.

“I made the decision late in the morning to split the crew in two with the anticipation that it was going late into the evening,” said Brett Baker of the Monticello public works department.

“We’re going to try to go ahead and lay the plows down to clear the slush,” said Vince Gustafson of Urbana’s public works department. “So we have this kind of rain, sleet, sleet that we want to try to get off the road with the forecast temperature dropping so low that we don’t want this refreeze.”

Urbana Public Works went on to say that its snowplow trucks are equipped with a spray bar to put a chemical mixture on the roads. This will help the salt melt snow and ice faster when the temperature begins to drop to the teens. Champaign Public Works earlier said there were traffic lights and downed trees.

Temperatures continue to drop, but crews will be here all night working until the roads are clean. They are asking people to stay clear of snow plows if you see them and also to be extremely careful driving tonight and tomorrow morning.


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