Study: IT has some of the worst roads in the United States


It is said that Chicago has only two seasons, winter and construction.

So why is this the case? Well, Illinois has some of the worst roads in the country according to a recent study.

A Moneygeek study ranked the state of Lincoln 17th in road roughness after researchers at the personal finance website analyzed Federal Highway Administration data on overall road quality for each state. They also looked at how much each state invests per track mile.

Analysts said all 50 states except New York, Pennsylvania and California spend proportionally to vehicle miles traveled.

According to Moneygeek, state and local governments provide 75% of the funding to maintain and repair highways and roads, with the average state spending nearly 8% of its budget on roads.

The researchers found no link between state spending and road condition, but said states use available funds to maintain crumbling roads, instead of repairing or improving them.

The state with the worst roads is California, followed by Rhode Island, Nebraska, Wisconsin and New York; and the states with the best roads are Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and New Hampshire.

The top 20 states with the worst roads are listed below:

  • 1. California
  • 2. Rhode Island
  • 3.Nebraska
  • 4.Wisconsin
  • 5. New York
  • 6. Hawaii
  • 7.Massachusetts
  • 8. Louisiana
  • 9.Michigan
  • 10. New Jersey
  • 11.Washington
  • 12. New Mexico
  • 13. Pennsylvania
  • 14.Iowa
  • 15.Texas
  • 16. Colorado
  • 17. Illinois
  • 18. Montana
  • 19. Ohio
  • 20. South Dakota


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