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With over 8,000 acres of open space, 600 parks, over 200 playgrounds, 31 beaches, and 15 cultural centers, the Chicago Park District has something for everyone! As host to thousands of special events, cultural, natural, sporting and recreational programs, the Chicago Park District remains the nation’s leading provider of green space and recreation. Driven by our vision to program, support, maintain and create world-class parks and open spaces connected to residents and visitors, we serve more than 40 million people each year.

Charitable contributions to the Chicago Park District are tax deductible according to IRS Publication 526.

Financial assistance fund for programming | Program Support | Donor Bench Program | Green Deed Tree Dedication Program

Winter, spring, summer and fall, the children of this city are in the parks all year round. The Chicago Park District’s most important job is to get kids and families into the parks and give them good reasons to stay and play for a lifetime.

Extremely affordable after-school and summer camp opportunities are available at hundreds of parks. After partially subsidizing attendance fees this year due to COVID-19, still 1 in 5 summer camp and children’s park attendees received additional financial assistance.

Find out how you can make a difference by contributing to the Chicago Park District Financial Assistance Fund:
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Thank you to our companies that support the Financial Assistance Fund:
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Program support

Night out in the parks

A program support donation helps our organization improve the quality of life in Chicago through recreational, leisure and artistic activities in the neighborhood. Your donation helps provide affordable, accessible programs that bring kids and families to our parks and give them great reasons to stay and play for a lifetime.

Help us continue our mission with a gift today. How does your support help?

Contributions support our efforts to provide:

Affordable and accessible programs:

  • The best offer in town: excellent and affordable leisure.
  • FREE arts and culture programming in all 77 community areas thanks to Night Out in the Parks.

World-class parks and open spaces:

  • Park or open space within 10 minutes walk of all residents.
  • Safe, inviting, sustainable and beautifully maintained parks and facilities.

Make a present:


Donor Bench Program

Celebrate important people and memories with the gift of a bench in a Chicago park. For your donation, a bench will be set up in the park of your choice, in recognition of important people and occasions in your life.

Donation amount

$10,000 per bench in Lincoln Park or Grant Park

$5,000 per bench in all other Chicago Park District parks

Learn more about the Donor Bench programor contact the Chicago Parks Foundation at (312) 742-5105.

Green Deed Tree Dedication Program

Green Deed Tree Dedication Program

Plant a tree, cultivate a memory

Do you know someone extraordinary that you would like to honor? Planning a special event you would like to commemorate? The Green Deed Tree Dedication program allows you to have a tree planted in the park of your choice, providing lasting recognition of the important people and occasions in your life.

Learn more about the Green Deed Tree Dedication programor contact the Chicago Park District’s dedicated Green Deed Tree hotline at (312) 742-5414 or (312) 742-4679.

Thank you for supporting Chicago Parks!


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