Tempers flare at Chicago restaurants as customers say to wear masks and show Vax card – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) — Two restaurant explosions in the past 24 hours in Chicago, both rooted in angry customers upset over COVID-19 rules.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye reports from a River North McDonalds where nerves are more frayed, experts say, than at any time during the pandemic.

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Fast food, quick tantrums and a hasty race to get to the end of the COVID pandemic. From the Golden Arches to the Wiener Circle, there are flare-ups with a frequency never seen before in the pandemic.

“Some people are just fed up, I guess.”

Wednesday night’s warmth at Wiener Circle came through the other side of the glass. A customer caught on tape was told no mask, no service.

He said a few words, walked out the door, came back throwing a few snowballs behind the counter,” said Weiner Circle general manager Evelyn Morris, who called 911.

Waiting for the police…

(“He) found some kind of brick and that’s when he just rammed it into the door,” Morris said.

There has been a sort of surge in very aggressive public anti-health sentiment. And it seems to have intensified in the middle of Omicron.

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In the same minutes, CBS 2 interviewed Professor Marney White of the Yale School of Public Health on Wednesday, a customer at a River North McDonalds threw a chair at a security guard, injuring him as he tried to enforce its rules of proof of vaccination.

“People are tired and I think it’s really battle fatigue.”

She said that in the 24th month of the 1918 Spanish flu, similar fatigue set in.

“Yes, I think so. I think when people see the end is near, they’re ready to go. I think everyone wants to get back to normal,” White said.

“Normal” at Wiener’s Circle is often combative. Beatings on customers, sarcastic signs, a wall of shame. Part of a recipe that residents are quick to champion and embrace.

“I think a lot of people have determined that their personal risk is over and so they’re ready to jump all the way,” White added.

A person was arrested at this McDonald’s. No arrests following the Wiener’s Circle incident. Dr. White compared this window to when drunk driving laws and smoking laws or car seat laws were enacted.

There were different perceptions of the significance of these changes. More reluctance meant more looking back into the past leading to violence.

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