The 2022 list of the worst roads in Quebec is out and somehow Montreal didn’t take the top spot


The Worst Road in Quebec lives up to its name rather well — and somehow not in Montreal. Boulevard de la Gappe in Gatineau has been voted the worst road in the province for 2022, according to CAA-Quebec. Nearly 8,500 Quebecers participated this year in the annual event The worst roads survey, which suggests that the poor condition of roads in Montreal is in fact a province-wide problem.

In fact, local streets didn’t even make the top 10 list. Route du Vieux-Moulin in Saint-Isidore and Boulevard du Curé-Labelle in Saint-Jérôme complete the top three, followed by Chemin Cook in Gatineau and Avenue Sainte-Brigitte in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval ( near Quebec). fourth and fifth places.

A large pothole with an old patchwork peeling off on Avenue Sainte-Brigitte.Courtesy of CAA Quebec

In Montreal, voters identified the five most damaged local roads:

1. Rue Notre-Dame East
2. Avenue Christophe Colomb
3. Sherbrooke Street East
4. Acadie Boulevard
5. Avenue Papineau

CAA-Quebec reports that damaged roads often damage vehicles and many drivers are left without information on how to file a claim.

“These questions come up year after year,” said CAA-Quebec vice-president of insurance, Suzanne Michaud, in a press release.

“We recommend that you do not claim less than $1,000 whether or not the damage was caused by poor road conditions. With the deductible to pay and the higher premiums that follow, it won’t be worth it.

Based on the results of this year’s survey, CAA-Quebec will contact the municipalities responsible for the 10 worst roads to let them know their rankings and find out how they plan to improve these sections. The organization will also follow up later this year to find out which roads have been repaired.


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