Want to know what the snowy roads are like in Tri-Cities? Check it out


How do I check weather conditions on SR-240, I-182, and the Blue Bridge?

It’s supposed to be very cold for a few weeks and any snow that might fall should stick around. I was caught off guard this morning to find a blanket of white snow in my driveway and on the street leading to Canal Drive.

I checked the state of the roads in Tri-Cities before leaving.

Fortunately, I was not completely caught off guard. Before getting ready to go to work, I pulled out my phone to find “real time” traffic cameras. They are updated frequently enough that you can make a good call on the major roads you want to take.

The town of Pasco has cameras on the Blue Bridge and I-182.

The big question most Tri-Citians ask themselves on a snowy day is, “How bad is the Blue Bridge?” The City of Pasco makes it easy to check not only the Blue Bridge, but also major exits from I-182. These exits are Route 68 and Route 100. You can see all these cameras. here.

People who drive with the SR-240 can also get quick results on traffic cameras.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has cameras that refresh every two minutes or so. Tri-Cities commuters who take 240 round trips to work can easily check weather and road conditions. If you are concerned about the Blue Bridge roundabout, this camera Will be helpful. Personally, I take the Edison St. exit on 240 to get home and I can check that out camera whenever I want to get ready to leave.

Who knows what this winter has in store for the Tri-Cities, but safe driving and access to free tools go a long way in ensuring you get to work safely and return to your family after you leave.

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