What roads and vehicles looked like 100 years ago [Video]


Until the 1900s, the main means of transport was the horse. There were different types of cars which were used to move from one place to another. Then, slowly, four-wheeled vehicles began to replace horse-drawn carriages. There are music videos from this era that were originally black and white.

The video is uploaded to YouTube by NASS. The uploader remastered the video by stabilizing it, adding sounds and coloring it. However, the video will not be 100% accurate because no one knows what the world was like at that time.

The first music video is from 5th Avenue, New York. In the clip, old cars and buses can be seen criss-crossing the city’s roads. It is said that New York is a noisy city and it seems to be true at this time as well. There is even a policeman who regulates traffic.

Then there is Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Unlike the roads in New York which are filled with vehicles, the roads in Michigan are wider and less busy. There are cars parked on the side of the road. and you hear the noise of the engines.

The video also contains a clip of Market Street located in San Francisco. The roads are filled with people and vehicles. We can see that horse drawn carriages are still in use and there are trams on the roads that the general public can use to get from place to place.

Next on the list is London. Cars in London are a bit different from what we’ve seen so far. There is a traffic policeman checking everyone. Buses are also there for the convenience of the public. You will also be able to spot horses in the clip.

Then there is Berlin. You can see horses still in use, there is a three-wheeler and cars on the roads. Some people use bicycles or simply walk on the sides of the road. The next clip is from Stockholm. We can see boats, they are not modern boats and there are also cars. Also in Stockholm there is a traffic policeman who regulates the traffic. There is also a motorcycle with a sidecar on it.

Then we have Copenhagen. Everyone here still rides bikes and a man waves to the camera as well. The number of cars in Copenhagen is significantly lower than what we have seen in other cities. The video then shows Amsterdam. The road is full of people and there are a few shots of families.

The video also has a map of Paris. It’s no surprise that the video begins with a shot of the Eiffel Tower. There are quite a few automobiles and you can also see the Arc de Triomphe in the video. In the video, there are still many people walking and not using any means of transport.

Then the video takes us to Nice, France. It’s windy, we see a beach and cars passing by. Relatively, the roads are empty. Then we have Geneva, people still walk or use bicycles. There are cars on the roads with whitewall tires. Then there is Milan. The roads are relatively busy with horse-drawn carriages, trams, cars, pedestrians and bicycles.


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