Will the roads stay dry during Thanksgiving? – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio


As you prepare for Thanksgiving this week, you may need to try and plan for when you will be heading to your destination. If you’re staying near your home in the Miami Valley or driving to another city, here’s what you can expect.


Wednesday promises to be dry and windy. Thursday morning to late afternoon will be marked by cold rain. This will keep the roads wet. Friday morning a few flurries could be flying. This will NOT result in a buildup, but the puddles from the Thanksgiving Day rain showers could create a secluded slippery spot or two.


Dry and windy Wednesday. On Wednesday evening, rain showers will return. On Thanksgiving Day, the rain will stop after lunch. Friday the roads will be dry but it will be cold.


Wednesday will remain dry and windy. On Thanksgiving Day, rain showers will arrive late in the afternoon. Flurries will persist throughout the day on Friday which could create slippery roads.


The rain will hit Chicago airports on Thursday. Rain showers will pass through New York on Thursday and early Friday morning. Atlanta will also experience a few short showers Thursday night, but the outlook is calm for the rest of the week.

Be careful and enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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