Winter weather advisory tonight for freezing drizzle and slippery spots on the roads



A Winter weather advisory will be in effect for western Michigan starting at 6 p.m. this Saturday. evening at 4 am on Sunday morning. This is light and mixed precipitation, most of which could take the form of freezing drizzle or light freezing rain. Precipitation amounts will likely be less than 1 / 10th of an inch – not much, but enough to cause slippery spots on roads and especially driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Even if the air temperature rises a little above freezing, the ground under the pavement will be cold, due to the cold weather we have had lately. Temperatures over much of the area were in the single digits early Saturday morning.

Explanation of Precipitation – NWS Graph

The graph above shows how various types of precipitation are formed. On the left, it’s flat rain. Temperatures are warm enough at altitude to make it rain and ground temperatures are above zero (32 degrees). Next comes the freezing rain. Here the air temperature is above the freezing point aloft and precipitation forms as rain. There is a shallow layer of cold air near the ground, and the rain freezes to ice upon contact with the ground.

When we have sleet (it’s sometimes called “soft hail” – usually white, circular – sometimes you see the sleet bouncing off your car or off the sidewalk. It’s not like an icicle, you can see it. ‘crush with your fingers). Sleet occurs when precipitation forms as rain aloft, but freezes on its way down to the ground. Finally on the far right of the graph is snow. Temperatures are cold enough for precipitation to form the familiar crystals that fall to the ground because the air is either below freezing to the ground or it may be a few degrees above freezing to the ground. from the ground, but the “warm” air is too shallow to melt snow into rain.

Winter weather warning in purple

Winter weather advisories are also issued for northern Illinois, northern Indiana and two counties in far northwestern Ohio.

Total snowfall over 2 days

Snowfall totals at Berrien Co. were as high as 22 ″ with up to 20 ″ in Van Buren Co. and 18 ″ in the Holland area. You may not see that many inches on the ground because the snow will settle.

More snowfall totals
Average snowfall to date, snowfall this winter to date and what we have had last year to date

So far this winter, Grand Rapids has had 38.8 inches of snow. Half of that amount (19 ″) happened last week. To date (Saturday), Grand Rapids is now 5.5 ″ above average snowfall to date. We are way ahead of last winter when we only had 7.5 inches of snow on January 8th.

Snow and ice cover in North America

Here is the snow and ice cover in North America. Hudson Bay is frozen over, but the extent of ice is relatively low over the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes ice extent, Friday, January 7, 2022

Great Lakes ice extent jumped to 7.1% on Friday. The black color on the map above shows where there is ice. The ice on Lake Michigan is found primarily in Green Bay and along the North Shore (UP). The ice of Lake Superior is found in the 3 northern bays (Black, Nipigon and Thunder).

With the cold, arctic air and light wind, the ice cover really jumped. For the Great Lakes as a whole, the extent of ice fell from 3.99% Thursday to 7.14% Friday. Lake Michigan fell from 5.33% ice cover Thursday to 9.14 ″ Friday. Lake St. Clair had 2.43% ice cover on Wednesday, followed by 58.37% ice cover on Friday.

Most inland lakes are now covered with ice, but in some cases the ice is still thin and weak. Be very careful when venturing out onto the ice. Ice also formed on the shore of Lake Michigan. Jetties and breakwaters are quite icy – best to stay out of the way.

Heavy snowfall in southwest Michigan
Snow in the East – uip at 15 ″ in MA
Bad weather outlook card for Saturday afternoon / night

There is a marginal risk of a severe thunderstorm today over much of Arkansas, as well as eastern Texas and western Louisiana. A non-violent thunderstorm is possible as far north as Indianapolis.

ALSO: I guess you saw the crash on the Mackinac Bridge on Friday – closing the bridge for a few hours. Seventy-five car pileup in Kentucky snowstorm. This light has a mule. Avalanche warnings in the northwest. Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Alaska. Galapagos Islands volcano erupts. With a minimum temperature of -1 ° F this morning, Chicago recorded the first sub-zero temperature of the season! The last time the temperature was below zero was 02/14/2021 with a low temperature of -5 ° F. 9.7 ″ of fresh snow at La Guardia Airport in New York, 5.8 ″ in Central Park. Low temp. Fri AM was -40 in Badoura, MN. The southern hemisphere tropical cyclone season 2021/2022 is getting off to an extremely slow start, with only 12% of the normal accumulated cyclone energy generated to date. Only one southern hemisphere season in the past 40 years has generated fewer ACEs as of January 7: 2016/2017. Coastal flooding in WA. Record snowfall in the Cascades. RECORD SNOW FROM WA TO NY – 100 MILLION AMERICANS UNDER WEATHER WARNINGS; JAPAN DEMANDS FOR ADDITIONAL ELECTRICITY AS FRIGID LOWS SWEEP THE COUNTRY, SNOW RECORD SNARL TOKYO TRANSPORT; + “EXTRAORDINARY” SNOW EVENT BESIEGES VANCOUVER ISLAND (sorry for the traffic jams.). 5.6 earthquake in Peru. Pretty snow at Boston College.

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