Winter Weather Blog: Live coverage of current road conditions, forecast for Mid Missouri


A report on the state of the roads around Columbia at 5 p.m.


Winter conditions are plaguing central Missouri with covered roads, church closings, power outages and flight cancellations.

Church closures

Churches in central Missouri have started canceling Sunday services. To stay up to date, follow this link.

Road condition

Boone County Joint Communications reports that several vehicles slipped off the road at kilometer 133 on Interstate 70 westbound near Highway Z.

The Missouri Department of Transportation reports that several roads are starting to be covered with ice or snow, according to the travel card.

The MoDOT reports that Hwy 63 is covered from Brown Station Road north to Hwy 22 due to winter weather conditions. From the intersection of Hwy 22 on Hwy 63 north to Moberly is covered.

According to the map, Interstate 70 is covered to KM 137. Highway 24 from Marshall to Glasgow is covered. On Highway 5, northern Glasgow is covered according to the map.

The MoDOT reports that Hwy 5 from New Franklin to Fayette and Hwy 240 from Fayette to Hwy 40 are now covered at 10:50 a.m.

Power outages

Central Missouri Electric Coop reports that 173 customers are currently without power in Saline County and 361 customers in Pettis County.

MSHP accidents and arrests

At the latest check, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reports that there have been at least 39 reported accidents and 116 reported arrests since the counting period began at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Airlines companies

Columbia Regional Airport reports that several flights have been canceled.

American Airlines

  • Arrivals from Dallas (12:10 p.m.), Dallas (6:41 p.m.) and Chicago (7:22 p.m.) have been canceled
  • The departure to Chicago (8:20 am) and Dallas (7:11 pm) has been canceled

United airlines

  • Chicago arrivals (10:55 p.m.) have been canceled
  • Departure for Dallas (12:40 p.m.) has been canceled

American Airlines flight still scheduled to arrive from Dallas at 10:55 p.m.

Columbia Regional Airport Manager Mike Parks reports that the runways are wet only and maintenance is monitoring conditions.


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