Wintry weather made roads difficult to navigate, causing dozens of crashes over the weekend


DES MOINES, Iowa — Roads proved treacherous over New Year’s weekend as the state recorded the heaviest snowfall of the holiday season.

Cars slid off the roads and some tractor-trailers didn’t even attempt to follow their course. Some truckers who started on Monday talked about road conditions over the weekend.

“The roads were just bad,” said Dylan Burnell, a truck driver from South Carolina. Burnell ended up weathering some of the worst parts of the storm last weekend. “It just kind of got away from me. I ended up going through it for a few hours.

One rider thought conditions at the start of the season compared to previous years were worse.

“It’s been a bad year for black ice and squalls in some areas,” said Gary Jambreetc, a truck driver from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. “You come out here and talk about whiteout.”

According to the West Des Moines Police Department, there were 45 crashes between Dec. 31 and Jan. 3. Thirty-three of them were uninjured and nine of them. Urbandale saw a total of 12 winter-related crashes on Sunday alone.

Local auto shops had to help with some of the towing for more serious accidents.

“This location only had one tow and we had three at our Altoona location that arrived; one ended up jagged and tangled on the railing, but everyone was safe on that side,” said Adam McRoberts, owner of Ted’s Body Shop.

McRoberts added that those who suffered minor damage to their car would come later this week to have it repaired.


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