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By MD Kittle

MADISON – In a recent campaign event, Gov. Tony Evers performed an untimely victory lap on his 2018 campaign pledge to ‘fix the bloody roads’.

“I ran on repairing the damn roads,” said the governor during the “WisDems one year to win ” launch.

He didn’t just run over it, his country and road builder buddies mercilessly pounded the then governor. Scott Walker, a Republican, on what they called poor Wisconsin roads.

“And I know there will be people in the room who say, ‘not mine’, but we’ve fixed over a thousand miles of roads here in the state of Wisconsin,” Evers said.

But a new report on the state’s highway systems shows Wisconsin fell to 26th nationally – down four places – during Evers’ tenure.

Reason Foundation 26th annual report on the highway assesses states on the overall profitability and condition of their national road networks. The Badger State ranks in the bottom 20 in the report’s four pavement measurements.

“The arterial roadway is particularly bad. Almost 2% of the roadway in rural Wisconsin is in poor condition, 2.5 times as much as the even state of Michigan and twice as much as the even state of Minnesota. About 17% of the roadway in Wisconsin’s urban arteries is in poor condition, four times as much as Minnesota and about the same amount as Michigan, ”the report said.

Wisconsin ranked 41st for rural arterial roadway condition and the same for urban arterial roadway condition.

The state’s top rankings are in overall death rate (11th) and urban death rate (11th).

Wisconsin spends $ 85,343 per mile on state-controlled highway, according to the report. It ranks 29th for total expense per mile and 28th for capital and bridge costs per mile.

The Badger State has the 19th largest highway system in the country.

“To improve in the rankings, Wisconsin must improve the quality of its arterial roadway. Wisconsin ranks in the bottom 10 in both arterial pavement quality rankings, ”said Baruch Feigenbaum, lead author of the Annual report on the road and Senior Managing Director of Transportation Policy at Reason Foundation. “Wisconsin may need to devote additional resources to the quality of its pavement. “

Remember, the next time Evers does photo ops to fill in the potholes. The governor is far from fixing “the bloody roads”.

Wisconsin’s Worst Roads

What are the worst trunk roads in Badger State?

As you cross the river and woods this Thanksgiving weekend, snap a photo of the “goddamn roads” the Evers Department of Transportation failed to fix. Submit your photos to Empower Wisconsin and we’ll post them on our Facebook page. Send to [email protected]

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